Grishko Pointes

Grishko pointe shoes, the shoes that are chosen by professionals

All ballerinas know that pointes play a very important role in the art of dance, because professional ballerinas can use a few pairs of shoes during their performances. Pointe shoes take the special niche in dance history, particularly in ballet. Therefore it is always very interesting to know something new about these unique shoes.

Ballerinas from all over the world prefer to dance in Grishko pointes. That why thirty thousands of pointe shoes are made every month. Each shoe is unique, handmade masterpiece of the shoemaker, approximately 90% of production process is handmade. Shoemakers assemble pointes of 54 details, and then each shoe goes through thorough quality control.

They are put on a last and pointe shoes have to stand still on a surface.

The real pointe shoes consist of the next details:

  • Box
  • Wings
  • Pleats
  • Sole
  • Heel, vamp and toe platform