Foot Protection 2 thongs
Foot Protection 2 thongs

Foot Protection 2 thongs

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Contemporary Dance

Recommended for all kinds of contemporary dance, artistic and aesthic gymnastics.

Product benefits:

  • The upper of the Foot Protector is made of flexible elastic material which hugs the foot securely, holding the Protector on the foot when performing complex movements
  • The base of sole of the Foot Protector is made of natural split leather with a velvety surface to reduce slipping
  • It also has a soft foam pad to reduce impact on the ball of the foot.


XS (31-32)
S (33-34)
M (35-36)
L (37-38)
XL (39-40)
2XL (41-42)

Up 81% polyamide
Bottom 19% elastan

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