Grishko Ltd. (Moscow, Russia) est. in 1987 is the leading manufacturer of pointe shoes, theatrical shoes, and dance apparel available in over 75 countries around the world. Mr. Grishko's inspiration is the history and the beauty of the Russian ballet as well as his life partner and loving wife Tamara Grishko who was a professional dancer herself. Nikolay Grishko's company is known around the world for high-quality products and innovation unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.

Grishko are located in the center of Moscow City in Russia; our factories are in constant contact with professional dancers, teachers, students, and lovers of ballet every day. Our pointe shoemakers are absolutely the best in the world, immersed in the culture of dance. These masters work directly with the dancer; that experience doesn't happen in almost any other company in the world.

The approach is to select the best of everything: materials, designers, marketers, and sales teams around the world.