Intrinsic Canvas Hybrid Sole Child Ballet Shoes MDM Pointe Boutique
Intrinsic Canvas Hybrid Sole Child Ballet Shoes MDM Pointe Boutique

Intrinsic Canvas Hybrid Sole Child Ballet Shoes

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The built in Dance Base Support technology positions the canvas slipper as a viable option for young students in training.

The Intrinsic is a hybrid sole canvas ballet slipper that has been specifically designed to supersede the full sole ballet slipper. The MDM hybrid sole has a split sole outside appearance combined with the functional resistance of a full sole.

Since the creation of the canvas split sole slipper, teachers have advised against their use for young students. With the built in Dance Base Support, the Intrinsic protects and supports the wearer providing sensory feedback (proprioception), controlled resistance and critical shock absorption. It supports the foot and arch and allows the intrinsic muscles to recover when at rest.

SIZES: MB115C (Child): 12—3 Available in half sizes.


COLOURS: Pink, White, Black

Currently holding sizes in N and M in pink.  Additional widths and colours can be ordered.  Please allow extra time.

Ideal for:

Maximum support

Maximum muscle resistance training

Long training and rehearsal sessions

Accentuating the arch

Alignment awareness i.e. ‘sensing’ pronation

Preparation for demi pointe and pointe work

Other Features:

Patent applied Dance Base Support

Shock absorption cushioned heel

Built on dance specific 3D scanned lasts

Elastic binding for superior fit

Flat pleats 

Pre-sewn cross elastics

Heat reducing Kashmir lining

Soft and durable high-grade canvas

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