Merlet Pointe Cloe Merlet Pointe Boutique
Merlet Pointe Cloe Merlet Pointe Boutique

Merlet Pointe Cloe (B)

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Diva & Cloe are complementary pointe shoes. Entirely developed and produced in Limoges, France.
Cloe brings comfort and aesthetics thanks to its medium vamp and polycarbonate sole.
Its soft box facilitiates the passage to half-pointe.
It's wide platform brings a excellent stability on pointe.
The shoes have a microfibre inner lining and a molded silicone gel tip for exceptional comfort.

Vamp: Medium with light V

Box: Supple facilitating transition from demi-pointe

Platform: Wide for extra stability

Strengths: M (H available to order)

Only order if you are certain of your exact style, size and width of shoe.  No refunds or exchanges will be given on pointe shoes for change of mind or incorrect size selection. 

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