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Repetto Silicon Toe Cushions

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The Repetto toe pads reduce pain and prevent blisters caused by friction of the foot in the pointe shoe. Their ergonomic shape adapts to the foot while the fine thickness of silicone allows the foot to feel the work. Covered with Lycra®, they are flexible to put on the toes and slip easily into the pointe shoe.

Color: petal pink in matching tones with tights and pointe shoes
Material: silicone


  • Thanks to their breathability, they offer high comfort.
  • The silicone interface contains a bactericide active substance, providing freshness and hygiene when it comes in contact with the feet.
  • Protection for dancers' feet.
  • Covered with a Lycra.

Repetto advices:

  • Place the toe pad in such a way that it covers the tip of the foot and the bunion.
  • Make sure that the toe pad does not crease, and does not get out from the pointe shoe.
  • After each class, think to remove the toe pad from the pointe shoe, to aerate it until the next use.

Wash at low temperature (30°c) and air dry completely. Remember to remove pads from the pointe shoes to air dry between wearings.

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